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Patient Testimonials

When I first injured my back I was limited in what I could do. I could not lift or bend and was limited in sitting and walking. I lost about 2 ½ months of work. I went through pain medications, physical therapy, and 3 epidural injections and still felt the same pain in my low back and down my left leg. I was given the option of surgery which I refused. The pain was debilitating and I really didn’t know what to do.

I found out about Spine and Rehabilitation of Morris, LLC and started under care after discussing my case with Dr. Goldfarb. Nothing happened until the 5th week when I started to notice that I could do things that I could not do. Things that I would do in the past which would cause pain now was no longer was. At the end of care I was cured and never felt better.

All I can say to anyone having back problems or thinking about surgery is to try decompression first. It has worked for me and so many other patients of Dr. Goldfarb’s. Everyone here at the office is very friendly and treats you like part of their family.

- Ken Schiele
April 2007

"Before the program I could not go upstairs the normal way. I had to go one step at a time and pull up with the railings. If I had to get down to pick up something I had to crawl to the stairs and go down backwards to stand up. Once a year I would get steroid shots in my knees. When I saw the ad in the paper and Dr. Forward’s name, I called that day. It was so nice coming to the office each week. The people were wonderful to me. There can only be one Dr. Forward. Now my knees are 95% to 100% better. Thank you.

I suffered from severe neck pain which would shoot down my neck to my shoulder which would hurt so bad I had to lie down. It prevented me from driving and affected working performance. This pain severely impacted my life as I couldn’t do what I wanted to do. I tried Physical Therapy which didn’t help at all.

I was told by my internist, to undergo this procedure of spinal decompression. I started to feel results soon after getting under care and have noticed results after each treatment. I am now at a level of no pain and feeling fine. My function has returned to normal.

This procedure is painless and a great alternative to surgery and that recovery process. This office is the nicest office staff that I have ever seen in a Doctor’s office."

- Steve Pistolas
February 2008

I was diagnosed with a L5/S1 herniated disc in my lower back. I went through physical therapy and pain management treatments. The series of 3 epidurals considerably decreased my pain for about 8 months when the pain started to return. Just standing and working on things over a table ended up being excruciating. Surgery and drugs were options that I did not want to explore.

I met with Dr. Goldfarb who answered my questions and I decided to get under decompression care. I found him to be completely informative on how the complete process works and honest on exactly what to expect.

Dr. Goldfarb and his staff made the treatments and physical therapy completely painless and enjoyable. I am now doing things that I have not been able to do for years. I would recommend this treatment to anyone who has chronic back pain or is considering pain management.

- Ron Sawicki
February 2008

Recently I experienced a serious fall which later triggered a problem with sciatica. My mobility was extremely limited. I couldn’t walk, sit, or stand, and bending was impossible. Movement was very painful to the point of tears. I lost most of my independence and was very discouraged.

After first relieving the spinal inflammation, Dr. Goldfarb proceeded with spinal decompression treatments at a pace he recommended for my condition. After about a month my mobility was much improved and the pain was relieved considerably. After two months my mobility is about normal and I can walk four miles every day.

My experience has reinforced my opinion of his friendly, competent and professional staff.

Dr. Goldfarb is a caring person whose first concern is for his patients. It is nice to talk to other patients in his office and share how happy we all feel with the successful progress we have all made

- Lea Schmall
October 2007

I had neck problems that work and everyday activities became challenging due to the severe numbness from the shoulder to the fingertips in my right arm. My diagnosis of stenosis, bone spurs and degenerative discs in the neck had come to a point where I had visited 2 surgeons and both told me surgery was the only answer. My medical doctor had referred me to Dr. Goldfarb who felt that he could help me.

I was skeptical at first, after all how could something as easy as relaxing on a comfortable table do the same thing as surgery? It took a few weeks with no down time from work that I started to see results. It has been 4 months now and I am back to doing everything I used to do. Kudos to Dr. Goldfarb and his friendly competent staff!

- Charles Schwab
September 2008

Dr. Goldfarb was my last step on a journey that took me to an MD, Chiropractor, Acupuncturist, and a Pain Management Specialist who said that I should prepare myself for surgery.

Thankfully, Dr. Goldfarb came into the picture. When he told me he could make me pain free and rehabilitate my herniated disc without any of the above named treatments I was astonished!

After a few visits to Dr. Goldfarb and the Spine and OsteoArthritis Center method I was pain free and off all pain medications and finally able to sleep through the night.

The time and attention given to me by Dr. Goldfarb and his staff cannot be overstated—no assembly line here.

- Richard Zammataro
November 2007

Over 20 years ago I was in and auto accident that resulted in two lower back surgeries. I was not able to walk for a year prior to each of my surgeries. My life had gone from extremely athletic to very little and very depressed. After my second surgery failed I decided to get under decompression therapy rather than have a third surgery.

After undergoing non-surgical decompression my physical condition is the best it has been since before my original accident. I strongly recommend Dr. Goldfarb’s program and his extremely caring staff to anyone with chronic back pain who may be thinking of having surgery.

- Brian Harris
March 2008