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Sports Injury Rehabilitation in Cedar Knolls

Focused Therapy Leads to Positive Results

So you are a runner and you constantly keep straining your hamstrings, have chronic pain in your hip, chronic plantar fascitis, or pains in your lower legs.

Or you are a tennis player and develop shoulder and upper back pain that doesn’t seem to quit. You have elbow pain when you swing.

You may be a weight lifter that finds that it takes more energy to lift the same weights you used to lift with ease. You have developed pain under you shoulder blade that doesn’t seem to go away and it is very hard to pinpoint.

Q: What do all these conditions have in common?

A: In order for any of these conditions to be resolved the cause of the problem must be found and treated!

When you present yourself with pain and symptoms is the first order to just eliminate the symptoms. Have you been in a position where the first order of treatment is to use drugs to make the pain disappear? Have you wondered why the pain returns when you go back to the activity of choice after just taking pain medication?

We spend the time finding out why you have the problem. Effective treatment means taking the time to find out why you hurt, evaluating the mechanism of the injury and providing the right kind of treatment.

My expertise is in biomechanics, and injury. I have spent my practice life learning how to evaluate the cause of problems rather than just treating symptoms. I consider myself a “pit bull” on solving problems.

What does this mean to you?

This means that I will do what I can to find your problem, evaluate why you have the problem, treat it specifically, and take the steps to get you well and back to the sport you love.

If I cannot resolve the problem by myself I will bring other professionals in to help. We use biomechanical Podiatry to correct foot function, Olympic speed coaches to improve speed and form, professional tennis coaches to improve stroke and setup, professional weight lifters to improve form, and professional trainers for improvement in strength and conditioning in all sports.

We proudly serve the communities of Morris County, including Cedar Knolls, Hanover, Morristown, and Parsippany -Troy Hills.