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Chiropractic Care

The human spine is made up of 24 movable bones called vertebrae. Sometimes these bones fail to move correctly and/or lose their proper alignment. This causes two problems. 1) The nerves that come off the spinal cord between the vertebral bones can become irritated and sometimes pinched, which has a negative effect on whatever that nerve goes to — muscles, sensory cells, internal organs, blood vessels to the brain, etc. 2) Uneven “wear and tear” on the involved joints that causes degenerative changes (arthritis).

The Chiropractic Doctor does an examination and sometimes takes x-rays to determine where these problems are and performs a series of “spinal adjustments” or “spinal manipulations” to re-establish proper motion and alignment. Other treatment modalities such as electrical muscle stimulation, traction (decompression), or orthotic shoe inserts may be used as well.

Chiropractic offers the patient the ability to be pain free, have more range of motion and to actually feel better. We focus on what’s causing your problem rather that masking the symptoms which is why Chiropractic is such an effective treatment form.